Air transport

תוכן עניינים

Air transport is the most efficient and rapid transportation method to transport goods from one location to another. It is usually used to transport expensive or time-sensitive cargo such as medicine, electronic components and other premium goods. 

Air transport is a far more expensive way to ship goods than sea freight, but it is also far less time consuming. Sea freights can take weeks or months to reach their destination port, whereas air transportation can reach its destination in a matter of hours.

Time concerns aside, air transport has several advantages over sea freight:

  • Reliability: air transport is the most reliable way to transport goods, for it is less vulnerable to temperamental weather events.
  •  Safety: air transport is less susceptible to theft or damage than other transportation methods

When should you consider using air transport?

Air transport is most suitable to high-value, time-sensitive, low-bulk cargos such as medicine, electronic components and other premium goods – especially goods that are sensitive to damage. It is most suitable for cargos whose supply period is critical, that must reach their destination rapidly in order to avoid losses or damages.

The factors that most impact the cost of air transport are the weight and volume of the goods, the distance they are transported, and prevailing market conditions.

10 tips for ensuring optimal air transport

  1. Determine if your freight is really air transport suitable 
  2. Be sure to declare all dangerous goods, hazardous materials, temperature-sensitive freight and other special handling goods
  3. Define freight dimensions and weight accurately
  4. Carefully specify origin and destination responsibilities
  5. Clarify origin and destination requirements, timelines – and the financial and other impacts of delays
  6. Address in advance all contractual/administrative requirements at booking
  7. List carefully everyone involved in your transaction and their requirements
  8. Pinpoint any special requirements for cross-border shipments
  9. Secure all air-transport loads
  10. Stay available versus your customs representative to avoid any delays

But most importantly – choose the right agent!

If you are considering air transport to ship your goods, it is important you work with a customs agent with good reputation that can help you secure the best possible prices.

Maurice has both a good reputation and connections with the leading shippers all over the world. We know how to help you secure the best possible prices for your air transport shipments for any destination in the world.

If you are not sure if air transport is the best solution for you, we will be happy to consult and provide you with the best possible solution for your cargo.

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