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Customs clearance Maurice a. Raphael

Need to release goods quickly or send them for export quickly? It’s hard for you with the bureaucracy, rest assured that Maurice a. Raphael will do all the work for you, we have been sending goods and dealing in customs brokerage since the British Mandate, with 82 years of experience you will be sure that you are in good hands.

We have extensive activities and close relationships with trading companies around the world and are in many comprehensive trade agreements, so we can give our customer all the solutions he needs when we have only one thing in mind, maximum financial savings for the customer in the whole issue of import or export.
Also, the logistics, transportation and customs brokerage teams work together to provide you with the best basket of services and release frustrating bureaucratic traffic jams that can result in financial losses in case goods get stuck in port due to incorrect classification, excessive tax requirement and more.

We will also be able to tell you exactly how much taxation will be determined for each classification of goods coming from each destination or exported to each destination, we have the answers and solutions and our logistics teams will know to accompany you with maximum accuracy in this complicated matter. In addition, the company provides treatment and guidance on issues of import legality, including a free import order, permits and approvals with the various authorities, such as:

The extensive experience and reputation of the company and its staff becomes an advantage for the client with you in dealing with the authorities.

So if you are an importer, exporter or just have a question, feel free to leave us an inquiry in the online form and a representative from the logistics team will get back to you soon.

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Our company provides comprehensive services in the fields of logistics, shipping and commission to thousands of customers.

Our company is committed to professional, fast and efficient service. We believe in our contribution to the growth and success of our customers and we commit to the tradition of excellence in service, reliability and professionalism that made the company Maurice A. Raphael Ltd. to a leader in the field.