Sea freight

תוכן עניינים


Morris A. Raphael has been operating for 82 years (as of 2020) in the field of international shipping and is considered a veteran battle fox in the field of shipping and shipping.

The comprehensive service basket provided to customers ensures that the goods reach their destination in the safest and most accurate way, and we also know how to provide a solution for every budget basket available to the customer, whether storage, packaging, insurance and documentation are required.
Our teams are experts in advising and guiding customers, whether you are a customer with little or no experience, we will guide you to the best solution available, together with customs broker services and also with land delivery services we will guide you to the right solution for you until the goods arrive at their destination.
Morris A. Raphael has all the appropriate approvals for international shipping and trade by the authorities in Israel, we understand that any mistake made in the field can cause enormous financial damage to the customer so we make sure that every logistical detail whether small or large is covered from all corners by our logistics staffs. .
Due to the seniority of the company and no less important the seniority of the company’s logistics teams, we work in many years of cooperation with shipping teams and shipping bodies and know deeply the people who work everywhere and in each country and are polished by existing laws and regulations in different regions.
We have the answers to all the questions, try us, for any question or advice feel free to leave a message in the online form and one of our logistics representatives will get back to you soon.

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Our company provides comprehensive services in the fields of logistics, shipping and commission to thousands of customers.

Our company is committed to professional, fast and efficient service. We believe in our contribution to the growth and success of our customers and we commit to the tradition of excellence in service, reliability and professionalism that made the company Morris.A. Rafael Ltd. to a leader in the field.