Land Transport

תוכן עניינים

Land transport is a fundamental node that plays a crucial role in the supply chain underlying the modern world of logistics. Be it trucks rumbling down highways or cargo trains chugging along railways land transportation is the meat and bread of modern logistics operation – if only because airports and seaports are few and far between. Cargo unloaded in them needs to somehow reach its final destination.

Land transportation methods include the following modalities:

  • Rail transport: much like sea freight railways afford considerable high-bulk, cost-effective advantages to transporting your goods over long distances. Their main shortcoming is the limited coverage of railway networks in most of the world. Benefits, other than cost and speed, include the relatively low environmental impact of rail transport. 
  • Trucks: Not as cost-effective as rail transport, trucks nonetheless pose the most common form of land transportation and for good reason: railheads, like maritime ports and airports simply aren’t close enough to everywhere. Trucks can ferry goods from rail and port nodes over short distance, but their flexibility and door to door capabilities can make them essential to long-distance deliveries, connecting retail outlets, warehouses and distribution centers.
  • Pipeline transport: this invisible transportation method plays a significant role in the transportation of liquids and gases, be they natural gas, oil, or manufactured chemicals.
  • Inland waterways: not all countries are based with navigable rivers or man-made canals, but in those that are, inland waterways afford many of the same advantages as sea freight – cost saving and high-volume, high-bulk capacity, often at less fuel input (and thus environmental impact) and facing less congestion than trucks.


In land transport, more than other shipment modalities, the variety of choices offers many opportunities for optimizing your logistics and shipping operations – as well as many pitfalls that might hemorrhage your operations financially, and even impair your reputation with late deliveries.

Hence, if you are considering land transport to ship your goods, it is important you work with a customs agent with good reputation that can help you secure the best possible land transport scheme for your cargo at the best possible prices.

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