Land Transport

82 years of providing transportation and overland transportation services

Even while land transport was carried out only by trains, or horse and cart, Morris A.. Rafael has been there to provide the service, for 82 years we have been providing transportation and overland transportation services to our customers.
Our transportation and logistics team will know how to provide you with all types of transportation for all types of goods, whether it is an expensive and fragile product, agricultural goods that require refrigeration, fragile pharma products, food, etc.
We know what to do and our logistics partners will know how to respond to any purpose and transport the goods on time, with maximum safety and most importantly, our transport fleets know how to prepare for any incident that occurs along the way.
So the moving business is something we have been doing since when donkeys was the main means of transportation, let us take care of your goods, send us a message in the online form and a representative from our transportation department will get back to you soon.